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Welcome to Jonny Poppers Burger Buggy. We are a husband and wife team (Larry and Leisa) and a local Charleston small business. We are committed to providing a quality product and exceptional experience for our customers. We are on a mission to make people as passionate about tasty burgers as we are.  Our motto is ‘if we don’t like it, we don’t serve it’ and we hope it shows.  


It starts with our burger using high quality ingredients and proprietary recipes. Our burger patty, made fresh, never frozen, is a Black Angus Chuck, Beef Short Rib mixture, and is over 1/3 pound, served on a buttery brioche bun. We source the freshest tomatoes we can get and we use fresh crisp green leaf lettuce. Red onions, several house made sauces and the best cheeses top things off to create our mouthwatering signature burgers.  We also feature a “burger of the month” so check it out on our menu board.


We make our chicken patty and the black bean vegetarian patty using our own recipes and they are fresh, original, and delicious! You can get any of our signature burgers done with the chicken patty or the black bean patty; or you can have them as the Dirty Bird or the Dillard Black Bean. The black bean has been labeled best black bean burger ever, by many!!


Everyone loves our crispy fries, (we have some crazy good fries) or try the house made blue cheese slaw to finish off the meal.  Catch us at a brewery and try the Jack Rabbit Slims Beer Cheese and Bacon Fries-they are yummy!!


Whether you get a Grand Gouda, Heavenly Horsey Havarti, Chuck-Town Cheddar Bacon, burger of the month, or our signature Jonny Popper Burger, in the end, we hope you come back and say “That IS a tasty burger”